Blocks a Go Go

A silly name for a number of 2mm (n-gauge) test tracks being constructed to try out a number different aspects of layout automation using electronics. 

Currently there are four boards in use: –

Board One: the original board has a linear test track and an oval with two passing looks with points that are connected to servo motors. The track is divided into sections and all connections are taken to a breadboard in the middle of the baseboard. It is primarly being used for familiarisation with the Automatic Train Controller (ATC) – a DC control system.

Board Two: a double track U shaped layout still in the construction phase.

Board Three: similar to Board One in layout but all the wiring is under the track bed and terminated in GX16 sockets at the edge of the board. This layout is being connected to electronics that will enablke the track to be con trolled by a PC running the freely available software – Java Model Railway Interface (JMRI).

Board Four: a double track U shaped layout under construction. The track bed is supported on a base that allows the wires to run under the track bed. New bases have been printed to allow better support of the track bed.

Broadcasting Blocks

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