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Wires Unlimited – 3rd August

Malcolm continued his work on Test Board One. The simple shuttle is now mostly working (an anomaly on the dwell control is to be investigated).

Malcolm is now starting the work of setting-up a four ended shuttle which requires a second module and the use of the oval part of the track.

In the meantime Allan continued the set up of Test Board Four. The 3D printing is now complete and the U shaped layout is now taking shape. The wiring of the 180 degree curved section is now complete but an unexpected problem at the connection between the curved and straight track halted work.

Connecting droppers to the track is always a challenge, particularly in hiding the soldered connections. Recent experience with the Test Boards is demonstrating that soldering wires to the underside of the rail joiners is proving to be a very effective method. Soldering to the rail seemed to result in melted plastic sleepers.