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Concentrate – 31st August

Although there is always a great temptation to get the train on the track and start running it; in this instance, Malcolm is taking a more restrained approach.

There were only six wires (two wires per three sections) on the linear track, there are more on the oval (six sections, two wires each).

Labels have now been used to identify each section on the board and PowerPoint is to be used to document the wiring loom that is connected to the breadboard.

Meanwhile did further work on test board three. Eight wires were removed from the track to allow them to be threaded through the nut that had been previously omitted. There are now three sockets:-

  • four pairs controlling the four oval sections
  • two pairs controlling the two sidings
  • four wires controlling the four points plus 0V and 5V.

The DC socket is not needed at this point.

Each wire is soldered to a terminal on the socket and then a length of shrink-wrap insulation is used to ensure that there are no stray wires that might cause a short circuit.