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Baseboard Labels – 20th July

Richard benefited from a surplus of advice, yet again, from his fellow modellers.

Discussions about the wisdom of mains wiring under the baseboard and the location of the cable tray led to some lively exchanges. BY the end of the session a plan was in place.

Malcolm wanted to simplify the work for the sparkies asking if he could have a bag of bits for each baseboard and some comprehensive instructions. I am sure that the answer started with ‘Yes – but’.

Anyway it was agreed that each baseboard had to be labelled and Richard found the ideal opportunity to try out his Flash Dymo labelling machine. Other modellers expressed disappointment that the labels weren’t the original embossed metal variety!

Once labelled, track was laid and as if to prove us all wrong, Richard, had a train running up and down the left baseboard.

Time was also spent looking at how best to do the curves – settrack versus flexitrack. It looked as though flexitrack would win the day. This may well be an area where 3D printing can help as plastic ‘tracksetta’ strips can be printed for any radius. Also multiply copies can be made to provide templates for the whole curve.