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What abut the Mimic Panel? – 10th July

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Ray, Malcolm H and Allan tackled the short circuit problem that was left pending from last week.

Ray started by disconnecting the droppers one by one but that did not identify the problem.

Malcolm C, the layout manager, unpacked his trusty Dremel and cut through the tracks where the boards join. That really helped as the middle board was the one with the problem.

To cut a long story short, the problem was finally tracked (a pun , I suppose) to a point which did not have an insulated joint where one ought to have been.

All the wiring was connected back up by Ray and we used a virtual DCC locomotive to test that all was well.

Now that we were on a roll, the CANMIO servo driver boards were installed and were tested.

We tried Ray’s new servo setting tool but although it seemed to connect and we could set parameters on the screen, we were not sure how to apply the changes – if only there was an instruction manual.

A successful afternoon. The sparkies packed up their tools and were justy about to ask the layout manager to sign off the electrics when a spoilsport piped up and said – what about the mimic panel? – I can’t change the points without it.

Murmuring in the sparkie ranks!