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Try, Try Again – 1st December

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The Dockland team wnated to build a better wall so out came the hammer, chisel and sander.

After the dust had settled and nenber has stopped coughing and gasping for breath, members surveyed the room and wished they had remember to cover their layouts before the sanding started.

Looks like, next week, the various teams will be battling with each other for the control of the vacuum cleaner.

Ray did the cabling and a debate was had over what is a plug and what is a socket. Wires were cut on the socket and resoldered to the plug!

Allan installed the DCC control unit; the nearest socket on the top of the controller has the four wires for the layout control bus. The hand-held controller will plug into this. The other plug on the top delivers the 15V DC input. Under the unit is the cable that supplies power to the track.

The track cabling is run in seperate conduit from the layout control bus to prevent interference.