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Powered Down – 10th October

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In the absence of the layout manager, the sparkies took the opportunity to take out the power supply and some of the wiring at the far end of the layout. The way that the power is to be installed at the other end was planned out. Reinstallation will start next week.

After the layout was moved to its new location, the power inlets were not situated in a sensible place, so work has started in moving the inlets to be nearer the wall sockets.

The DCC controller was relocated back on to the layoput and a set of operating instructions left prominently on the board.

This controller is due to be replaced by two smaller units later in the year after they have been built.

Then we remembered that there should be a documentation file somewhere!

After a bit of searching around, we found two documentation folders. Ray thinks we completed one but it couldn’t be found, so we had to create another.

Although it is not evident from the photo, there is quite a thick layer of dust on the manuals suggesting that they have not been bedtime reading for the layout manager.

The sparkies are now on a campaign to get layout managers to ensure that there is a ‘home’ for the manuals, near to the layout – and not hidden away on a top shelf as an other member suggested.