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To Begin at the Beginning – 1st September

Malcolm C has fabricated a couple of brand new baseboards for our  new test tracks. Although some very thin plywood has been used, the frame is sturdy and the whole baseboard gets its rigidity from the insulation panel underneath.

The only downside is that we have had to buy some long drills to get through the plywood and insulation panel.

The flipchart has been dusted off and the nine section defined.

Ray and Malcolm have started laying out the track and using a wagon to ensure that everything is as it should be.

As this layout is likely to be reconfigures regularly, double sided adhesive tape is being used to secure the track to the baseboard.

Dropper wires are being soldered to the some of the fishplates and all the wires are being taken to a central point in the middle of the baseboard.

Don’t expect any scenics – all the electronics will be on the top of the baseboard for ease of access.

I think we will really embarrass the ‘real modellers in the club!