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Testing Times – 6th April

Flushed with the success of his supervisory role on the Dockland layout, Tony thought that he needed to ensure that Malcolm kept on the straight and narrow.

Earlier in the afternoon, Malcolm completed the installation of the second point controller and is seen preparing to connect the DC supply – all will be well as long as he remembers that the red wire is next to the regulator!

Meanwhile Allan has been starting to lay the track on the second test track. On the first board, the wires go through the structural foam and are run under the baseboard. On this board, the track has a 3D printed ’embankment, about 11mm high, the track is set in 3D printed ballast and the wires will run underneath.

To date wires have been soldered to the underside of the rails but this tends to cause damage to the sleepers, so on this board, the dropper wires are being soldered to the rail joiners – fishplates in old currency.