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Spiral Wrap and Spagetti

Malcolm gritted teeth and undid the spiral wrap from last week’s bundle of wires – Allan had forgotten to mention that a third wire had to be included in each bundle.

By the end of the session all four bundles were wrapped and await connection to the power distributer next week.

Meanwhile Allan and Ray were wiring the intermediate sections of track. Both will require further work next week.

Given that there are eight sections and each section may have more than one pair of wire, the wiring ‘duct’ is filling up. We tried spiral wrap to try and ‘control’ the bundle of wires but this only adds to the height and can make it difficult to get the track bed flat. Some rework may well be required.


The diagram below shows the block structure of the test track.

The secd blocks with the points are powered all the time and the ENDs, including the ‘END’ on the curved section are switched on and off as required by the train movements.