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New Broom – 15th June

Roger and Allan continued work on test board two. By the end of the session, only three final section need to be completed and then work can start on the termination of the droppers wires to the individual sections.

Meanwhile Malcolm and Ray continued work on test board one. Malcolm ran all the wires to the right places and Ray wielded the crimpers and lo and behold there were ferrules on each wire.

From Malcolm’s point of view. there may be a very real limit to one’s interest in the crimping process.

Finally the last ferrule was crimped and apart from connecting the last four wires to the servo drivers for the points, it is almost complete.

Now that we are likely to have different groups all wanting to use the same resource, we need to work out a connector strategy that will allow one control system to be replaced by another using multi-way plugs and sockets.