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Control Boards – 5th January

At the end of 2022, significant effort was expended in constructing a demonstrator for the new control system for Avon Sidings.

The boards have low been fixed to the underside of the layout and the next step is to connect them together.

The points are changed using solenoid motors and three of the boards will be needed  to change all the points.

There are also 15 sections to be isolated using solid state relays.

The connection to the mimic panel will be only four wires and a rotary control on the mimic panel will also be used to power the locomotives.

A single 12V power supply will be plugged directly into the layout and power will be provided to the mimic panel using two of the four wires.

A personal computer will be used to configure all of the modules. However once this is done, the computer will not be required to operate the layout.