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Timber Yard – 26th March

On our new 00 gauge layout, Purley. we are looking to incorporate prototype buildings from the local and southern area as much as possible, and one of our first projects is a Timber Yard

There are several standard layouts for a Timber Yard – as in Edward Beale’s classic book

For a local prototype from the 1950s we could look local , and look for surviving examples in the South Croydon area. There may be a timber yard in the goods yard of the old Selsdon Road station, which is only just the other side of Brighton Road from our Clubhouse.


A bit further down the line there was certainly the extensive J & S Agates timber yard by the goods yard at Horsham station.

The timber yard has a distinctive appearance with a series of curved roofs and wooden slatted facades presumably designed to help with air circulation for the stores of timber. There would also be a crane on a gantry for loading and unloading timber.