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New Assignment – 14th January

Chairman Paul has asked Ken, Ray and Allan to do some work on the Hilltown layout.

The layout is in three layers which are not interconnected and the top two layers are to be automated. First we need to have a plan of the layout. Ken uses SCARM and Shaun uses AnyRail. At the moment we are not sure which will work best for us.

The top layer has a small end to end track and an oval with a passing loop.

The end to end has a station at one end of the line so will need the train to do a controlled stop. A MERG ATC controller will be required.

For the loop, it may be possible to use a second ATC, but this needs to be investigated further.

The middle level is more complex and will require a different solution. At the moment it is not clear if a DC or DCC solution will be appropriate. If DCC is chosen then there may be an opportunity to try out the automation features of the free program Jave Model Railroad Interface (JMRI).