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Midland Pullman – 21st August

Peter took the opportunity to try out his 40 year old Midland Pullman, now freshly chipped and ready to run on the DCC layout.

Overall it ran well but the intensive track clean is not complete so the locomotive struggled in some sections.

As the Midland Pullman zoomed across the viaduct, you can now start to see the extent of the scenic work now being carried out in the gorge.


Allan has started on the third iteration of the station mimic panel. The image shows the board after the completing of the wiring to enable the four push button switches to operate.

The four glass diodes are necessary in case someone presses more than one button at the same time – I guess an extreme case of the City of London’s fat finger.

The white components are light emitting diodes which will either be red or blue depending on the status of an exit from the point. You might think that red and green would be better, but these lights are only manufactured in a limited range of colours.