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Getting the Measure – 23rd January

The intent is to use either AnyRail or SCARM to capture the track plan. First some basic measures.

Some thinking has been carried out around the automation. The use of light dependent resistors or hall effect devices are now the preferred solution.

The short length of track for the shuttle and the need to come to a controlled stop in the station are indicating that a bespoke arduino based solution may be required.

However much testing is going to be required and a small A1 test track is being constructed. Foamboard will be used and an aluminium frame will be used to prevent the board from warping.

A 3D printer has been used to create the angle brackets. Threaded inserts are added and then M3 screws are used to secure the aluminium U section to the brackets.

The third hole will be used to add some feet to raise the board slightly.