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Digital Generation – 23rd January

Different members take different approaches to layout design. The digital generation have their own way of getting to layout nirvana.

As the titans of social media are consulted, who knows what ground breaking design will emerge.

Meanwhile Dave and Malcolm started more conventionally with pencil and paper (note to Allan – get them to use pens next time, preferably flip chart pens that will photograph more clearly).

Dave took a measured approach rrespecting the baseboard layout that we had agreed last week. In no time at all he had designed a joint DC / DCC multi-level layout that could easily be accommodated in the space available. Stations were planned and goods yard laid out with an astonishing precision.

On the other side of the table, Malcolm started with the A3 pad – clearly big ideas need a big pad. He started with his usual flourish (with bent arms around his pad to prevent Dave copying his ideas) and created a multi figure eight layout with flowing curves – that bore no relationship to the basboard plan. Such was the purity of his plan, that there was no space for bourgeois concepts such as stations, goods yards or sidings.

In the meantime, Shaun had problems of his own. He looked aghast at Malcolm’s freeflow appraoch, knowing full well that he would have to recreste the layout in the PC package Anyrail.

This became even worse when Set-track was banned and palns could only be captures using flexi-track.

Of course, some less trong individuals might have started with Dave’s plan, but all credit to Shaun, he started with Malcolm’s pln, carefully concealing that he hadn’t incuded the ncessary crossovers.

With a great cry – he shouted it fits – so loud that Prince Charming arrived from the Fairfield Halls to check that Cinderella was OK.

You may remember at the start of this post, we marvelled at the alternative approaches being taken by the digital generation.

Throughout the session, it was a case of heads down, continually seeking a solution from a myriad of IP addresses.

Rumour has it, that by this time they had forgotten the question, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Not sure who was last out and locked the door, but there is another rumour that at the far end of the club house, two small flickering screens were still to be seen, tapping away at their virtual keyboards, totally oblivious to sound of keys in the locks.