The layout is based on the station at Hemyock on the Culm Valley Light Railway.

The only departure from prototype is the creation of the Hemlock Branch of the Grand Western Canal, hence the change of the name to Hemlock.

The track plan and buildings are of the original Edwardian period.

The layout including the fiddle yard is 15′ 0” long by 1’8” wide. It is currently available for exhibiting.

The layout is self supporting. 3 operators are required and it can generally be transported in 1 car.

This is based on Hemyock Station on the Culm Valley line. The line was built as a light railway from Tiverton Junction, on the main line from Paddington to Exeter, to Hemyock Dairy (the chief source of traffic) just outside the village.

The Culm Valley Light Railway was designed by Arthur Cadlick Pain. It was formally opened on 1st June 1876 although traffic actually started running on 29th May.

The model is built at 3mm to 1 foot scale with a track gauge of 14.2mm. All the track is built from code 75 bullhead rail fixed to wooden sleepers with plastic chairs.

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