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2024 01 17 CMRS Meeting

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In the afternoon, work will continue on the club layouts and help will be available to members who need assistance with electrical / electronic matters on their layout.

The following work is underway

  • Avon Sidings – OO Gauge – new electronic control modules have been installed and are currently being tested and configured. Solid state relays will be used to switch the isolated sections..
  • Dockland – O Gauge – The harbour is being reconfigured to accommodate coaling operations, including an automated coal tipler.
  • Purley – OO Gauge – a new layout; droppers are being installed to provide power to the track and the modelling of Purley station is now underway. A major castle is being modelled with its own heritage line and hotel to accommodate plastic tourist people. A coal and ash plant is also being constructed.
  • Test Board 3 – Automated operations with two locomotives have now been completed. A new project to automate Test Board 2 is being planned.

Members are welcome to come along in the afternoon to get advice or help, from the society’s experts, in solving railway control problems.

The evening members session will being at 19:30.