CMRS Showcase

As the CMRS modellers are all under lockdown, they all have time to work on the parts of their layout that they have been avaoiding, through lack of time, for so long.

These pages share some of the current work being carried out in the modeller’s homes.

Lines accross the window with the branch rising to the right. the lines entering the tunnel run under the branch baseboard.


The cottages are five Petite Property carcass kits joined together and covered in embossed plasticard with the last two cottages at a higher level as they will be on an incline on the layout.

Construction is standard so far with just the addition of curtains and steps for the higher level doors and the plasticard (random stone) has been has been painted but not weathered. The next step is to deal with the roof sections, again plasticard (this time SEFinecast slates) will be overlaid on the laser cut mdf after the sections have been modified to fit, bargeboards will then be fitted and the chimney stacks added followed by ridge tiles and flashing where necessary. After that gutters and downpipes and finally weathering.


Just over two years ago I decided my OO layout was as completed as it would ever be so I scrapped it saving all the stock and many of the buildings. The new layout would occupy the same space and, of course, be much better with no mistakes – if only.

The new layout is a through station double track at one end and single track at the other end, similar to the S&D. There would be a branch on a higher level over the main running lines along one side of the room opposite the main station. Accross the doorway would be a slot in section that would allow for both continous running and cassettes.

The track has been laid, wired, tested and ballasted with point motors fitted. With a lot of the buildings already constructed it looks a bit patchy but a few years work should sort it out. My main interest is construction of buildings etc and scenery so there nor will be any “ready to plant” on the layout, purely scratchbuilt or enhanced carcass kits.